Why Google’s Partnership with Salesforce Can Change Your Nonprofit

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In the world of nonprofits, advertising becomes key to maintaining your program. Without the help of your audience, your nonprofit will not succeed. To increase others awareness, call for volunteers, or find funding, programs like Google Grants and Salesforce’s “Power of Us Program” become necessary in your nonprofit’s success. Anyone involved in nonprofit work should be aware of these programs since they can assist in the successful of any nonprofit.


Companies like Google and Salesforce understand the difficulties of successfully operating nonprofits in today’s digital, high tech era. Like any other company in the business, they are interested in finding the best of everything: people, tools, and strategies to match or top their fundraising goals yearly. To meet these goals, the combination of Google Grants and salesforce.org creates the necessary and vital tools any nonprofit needs to remain competitive.

Here is what they offer:

  • Google Grants gives $10,000 every month in free website traffic.
    • Each month $10,000 is given as part of advertising within google.com searches
  • Salesforce offers free CRM Management to help leads, volunteers, funding, and various events.
    • 10 free subscriptions of the Enterprise Edition plus other potentially great discounts for all services and subscriptions they offer.


Google Grants and Eligibility Explained

Google Grants offers one-of-a-kind advertising designed with 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations in mind. Their goal is to take the AdWords system and change it into a helpful tool that helps promote advocacy, awareness, volunteers, and raise donor funding. Grants offers $10,000 each month for their own AdWords advertising.

Google explains that more than 20,000 nonprofits across the world are eligible for grants. If your nonprofit has 501(c)(3) status and is registered with the United State’s IRS, you can apply for this grant. The following organizations are NOT eligible:

  • Fiscally sponsored organizations
  • Organizations already participating in the Google AdSense program
  • Religious or Political Organizations
  • Those who primarily focus on lobbying whether it is politics or policies
  • Any governmental entity and organization, hospital and medical groups. Childcare centers, academic institutes, universities, and schools

FAQs on Google Grants

  1. If selected, Google sends award notification to your email with specific instructions to set up and provides the contact for a specialist if help is needed.
  2. Unless you are certified as a Google AdWords Professional, recommendations include hiring a Non-Profit Search Marketing Agency to ensure you earn the most from the program.
  3. Value varies depending on the overall performance. Typically the contribution is around $10,000/month
  4. $2.00 is the most cost-per-click (CPC) afforded
  5. Your account will be created by Google and they fund it directly.
  6. As with any regular account, Google Grants is subject to policies or algorithms commonly found.
  7. Google Grant ads appear either alongside or above main search results in Google.com
  8. Use of Google Analytics alongside Google Grants is permitted
  9. Ads are only allowed to be text-based (no video or pics)
  10. Not eligible for distribution in Content or Placement Targeting Networks.
  11. Ads only appear in Google search results, no other search engine uses them.
  12. Every campaign is based on keyword-targeted.


To Remain Eligible…

  • You must manage your AdWords account by actively logging in every month and changes needs to be completed at least every 90 days.
  • Ads and keywords need to match whatever programs and services are offered by your organization
  • Only one web domain can be linked to your ads and it needs to be the one approved in the initial application
  • Commercial only advertising is not allowed. Any promotion or goods or services needs to guarantee that 100% of the money made goes back to the program.
  • Ads cannot offer any type of financial product (think credit cards or loans) and cannot request donations of property such as cars or boats.
  • Site cannot display Google AdSense or other affiliates advertising links
  • Your ads cannot link to a page that is simply more links to other websites.

In enters Salesforce Power of Us Program,

The Power of Us Program allows nonprofits to obtain Salesforce products and resources as a means to expand their own goals. The 10 donated subscriptions and other discounts for Salesforce products assist nonprofits with their expansions. Furthermore, Salesforce knows that staff’s time is incredible important. By using Salesforce, nonprofits can streamline their manual processes and cut paper costs by using the “cloud” thus allowing less time in administration and more time with the programs needed to develop their nonprofits.

Overall Salesforce is worth any nonprofit’s time since it offers a variety of products to work with, not against a nonprofit’s time.



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