How to use Instagram as a Nonprofit

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When creating your social sphere, your nonprofit can become overwhelmed by the multitude of possibilities and the constant evolution of social media. You likely have yourself immersed in Facebook or LinkedIn, but is Instagram on your list?

How can nonprofits use Instagram to accomplish their tasks? It’s a valid question and one that needs exploring. When you use the right tasks with Instagram, the payout for your nonprofit can be worth it.

If you are not sure what this looks like, check out these tips:

  1. Be Willing to Commit

For a truly successful time in the world of Instagram, you need to be completely dedicated. In other words, you must post photos consistently, work on your community of followers, and find other users you can interact with on the network. Even though Instagram is only about the visuals, engagement remains the key to success for your nonprofit. If you have a badly managed, basically inactive social media account visitors will find it and the effects on your nonprofit could be detrimental.

  1. Keep it Balanced and Consistent

For nonprofits, this can be a struggle. To maintain a presence with your followers, you must post regularly enough so they remember you. However, that is not enough.

Your photos must make your users want to continue to follow you. It can seem frightening and unrealistic to post a photo every, single day to Instagram. One easy way to fill this void is to showcase. You can choose to focus on the people of your organization, events, those you help, a graphic or quote for the day. By having this variety, you won’t struggle to post and visitors will stay with you.

  1. Storytelling

Every single time you post a story about your nonprofit, its impact should be evident. Remember the old “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Use that to your advantage. Find photos that tell something profound and use the caption to expand upon that photo. Make sure the caption adds something the visitor could not tell from the photo.

Remember, use any photo. People at work, someone you have helped, an upcoming fundraising event, graphics, behind the scenes. Anything you want to showcase. Don’t stop with photos. Use the video option on Instagram as well. Just make sure you use the captions to tell the full story.

  1. Call to Action

While Instagram does not allow for active links, don’t let that stop you from calling your visitors to take action. Mention your website and tell them to visit. You can still use Instagram to ask for donations or volunteers. Even if you cannot place the link on your post, you can tell them where to go for it. Bios allow for live links, so you can include one in your Instagram bio.


These tips can help your nonprofit take off on Instagram. Use your visuals and take that time to prove your nonprofit’s worth and impact on the world.

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