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There are three primary ways to get in touch with Instagram, their automated support phone number: 650-543-4800, their email:, and their help center. Given how large a user base Instagram has, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a timely response. Here are a few ways to increase your chances.

Instagram Support

Here’s how to file a ticket on Instagram’s support page: first go to Then go to the left and click on the Privacy and Safety Center, then click “Report Something.” Then you’ll select which issue you’re having trouble with, click “Report It” and fill out the form before clicking “Send.”

You can also get support on the mobile app. visit your profile, go to Settings, then Support,  and then “Report a Problem”. After that, follow the instructions on the screen.

Not Getting a Response?

There are two significant reasons why Instagram isn’t responding to you; the first is that your request was likely marked as low priority, the second is that they have a billion users, so they get a lot of requests.

Quick Help

Depending on the problem you’re dealing with, you’ll want to visit Instagram’s Help Portal at There you can look up frequently asked questions and other helpful tips. You could also try contacting them via their Facebook or Twitter pages.

Reportable Problems

Here are the kinds of problems that you can file a support request for: a hacked account, an imposter account, accounts belonging to underage children, hate accounts, and exposed private info. As well as self-harm, spam or abuse, exploitation, and other miscellaneous issues.


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