Effective Marketing Tools for Your Nonprofit

By June 19, 2013Nonprofit

Lately, talk has increased about integrated marketing approach. Specifically, the need to discuss the varying types of tools used when communicating with your audience.

Direct Mail

If you want to create a more personal touch with your communications, consider direct mail over email. In this technological age when our inboxes are often flooded, receiving a note that is personal and traditional can be pleasant and unique. It’s important especially when you want to communicate something special and you want to avoid the junk pile.

Moreover, direct mail is useful for a number of things, like promoting an upcoming fundraiser and for getting some feedback.


Advertising is a widespread communication strategy that is usually used in conjunction with another tool, such as the Internet. But if you are a small organization that relies on local support, you can’t avoid traditional forms of advertising, like print news sources and television.

If you’re a bigger organization with a more larger budget, go beyond the borders of your local community.

In general, advertising helps you to educate your audience on something, like the start of a new project or an upcoming event. Sometimes it has a cost, but it might be worth it. Use advertising when the return on your investment is projected to be positive.

Internet Marketing

Nowadays people use Internet to search for information before making decisions, which makes Internet marketing the perfect tool to impress people about your cause or brand. Marketing your organization via email or on a number of social media networks is not only low-cost or free, but it’s also a really great way to reach several different populations at once.

Whether you are participating in #GivingTuesdsay or hosting your very own nonprofit conference, internet marketing becomes your mainstay in any marketing plans. Use it when you need to get out fast and to a wide and diversified audience.

Special Promotions

Even if you’re running a NOT-for-profit organization, we all know that you must have some sort of revenue to sustain your mission. While donations become your main money maker, any time you need to offer a product or service, use promotions. Any type of sale or promo instantly grows your marketing.

For example Cause Camp provided early-bird registration fee for a lower price from the regular registration fee. Their social media and email campaigns were flooded with all things Cause Camp, alongside the promo, thus bringing the recognition and increased registration needed.

Any minor cuts to your revenue certainly helps reel people in through use of promotional offers. Remember: use special promotions for special occasions, otherwise they’ll lose their luster.

Public Relations

Much like advertising, public relations is a very broad communication strategy. Among various benefits that this tool provides, the most vital part is the control public relations gives your nonprofit.

Basically, if you want to control what the public sees, use public relations. By using press releases, any local news venues, or searching for new opportunities, your nonprofit and cause becomes seen in a positive light.

Personal Selling

Your human resources become a vital communication tool. While well-thought-out mailings and designed to please social media posts help, nothing impresses donors more than connecting with a real person who can build the relationship necessary to meet their needs.

You don’t need to be going door-to-door, but you have to remember that nonprofits are in the business of sales and you have to encourage everybody at your organization to spread positive light around your brand.

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