Google for Nonprofits: Next Steps

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Google for Nonprofits and Google Grants will truly revolutionize how nonprofits find people and build their core group of supporters. However, simply using this program will not automatically make people flock to your site to support. You need to add some of your own time and expertise into it. Here are some important tips are necessary to reap the benefits of this program.

  1.      Accepted? What next?

It does not take long to see results. Generally, if you spend 3 hours working on your ad, you can gain 5,000 people to your website in a month. If you are organized for Google and think from the search engine’s point of view, you will find instant results. Your homepage is key, but you also need an easy to maneuver website. If people see the pages they can instantly reach (like volunteers or donations), they will likely come back again and again.

  1.     Homepage

Make sure your website remains up to date is key. However, another important takeaway is to create a homepage that is separated into ad sized chunks. For an efficient SEO, your keywords should be easy to follow from your homepage to other pages.

  1.     Best way to involve other nonprofits

Spread the word! Many are unaware and should be encouraged to get  involved. Any nonprofit that meets the guidelines can earn money from this grant whether it is local, small time nonprofit or a larger, national one. They will receive the benefits no differently.

  1.     Caps on Grants

In order to best utilize the grant money, you need to set the limits properly. Google requires a daily budget of $330. To avoid issues and additional charges, set the daily limit to $329 and make it a $2/click maximum. This allows you to follow the guidelines set by Google and gives Google the chance to maintain this program. If you have the funds to spend more, you can change the daily limits, but know that your organization will be charged accordingly.

  1.    Competition

Competition can be prevalent depending on your nonprofit. If competition is low, you will have to do little to maintain these guidelines and gain the benefits. If you have a larger competition pool, you will need to be more mindful of the SEO and maintain your campaigns more frequently.

After seeing how easy this process is, why wouldn’t you try to use this service for your nonprofit. Plus, you can always use of the services of companies like Seattle Web Search to assist with training and other aspects of the program. After all, you won’t lose, only gain.

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