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Having special certifications is a great way to show potential employers and clients that you possess the digital marketing skills to suit their needs. Getting the right certifications will help to show off your resume and highlight your particular areas of expertise. Here are four of the most valuable digital marketing certifications:

Google AdWords

Being able to manage an AdWords account is a very desirable skill in today’s digital landscape. Taking the Google AdWords course will teach you about bidding for keywords, creating ad groups, optimizing campaigns, and everything else you need to know about digital marketing. To earn the certification, you must pass the Google fundamentals exam and also a specialty exam. Overall, the course should take 10-15 hours, including reading through course materials. The course is free to take.

Google Analytics

The analytics course is focused on more advanced concepts like custom reports, segments, and remarketing campaigns. The course takes 7-10 hours and is also provided free of charge.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Blueprint is the certification for Facebook Advertising; it’s a newer course, but also quite rigorous. To receive the certification, you must pass the Core Competencies exam, and either the Buying exam or the Planning Exam. These exams are intended for people who have at least six months of Facebook advertising experience. The course should take 40 hours, and costs $150 per exam.


HubSpot is a major digital marketing company, and they provide a multitude of webinar courses. These courses cover everything from email marketing to web design. Some of HubSpot’s courses are aimed at using HubSpot software, but they also offer a lot of general marketing knowledge. The time needed varies depending on the courses taken and come free of charge.

The field of digital marketing is always evolving and possessing a digital marketing certification is a surefire way to keep up with the latest tools and trends. It only takes a few hours to drastically improve your skills and also marketability to employers.


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