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We help our clients build SEO strategies that efficiently drive qualified traffic (warm leads) to websites. We accomplish this by focusing on online marketing strategies that target platforms with relatively low competition (YouTube vs Facebook). By avoiding unnecessary competition we can be more efficient and juggle less strategies at one time, this is important for small businesses because they often have smaller advertising budgets and manpower. SEO should always be treated as a long term strategy which means building strategies that are manageable.

Here are a couple of types of ideal clients:

  1. Have good reviews: All online marketing is a 3 step process, #1 you do something somewhere to drive traffic to your website (ie. organic SEO for Google, or Facebook ads), #2 then when humans arrive at your website the site has to be well fast, secure, organized, look good and differentiate you from the competition so that the visitor will call you on the phone, email your or fill out a contact form, #3 and finally you need to respond promptly to the conversion, be polite and know how to effectively sell your product and service. Even if you had the most beautiful website in the world, and had amazing SEO, if you are rude, slow to respond, or don’t know what you are talking about you will not be able to get conversions.Good reviews are a great indicator that step #3 is not a problem and that SEO can help your business. This leads into the next important factor of being an ideal client for Seattle Web Search.
  2. Have a web designer: Your website is an important part of getting conversions, the better your website is the sooner you can get results from your SEO. Speed, security and SEO optimizations have been optional in the past. Meaning they wouldn’t hold you back from getting results, they can only help. Since Google released Core Web Vitals in May of 2021 that is no longer the case and can directly affect your rankings and prevent you from getting the full value of your other online marketing efforts.
  3. Have lots of content: Search engine optimization is simply the distribution of website content, either to the top of the Google rankings, or shared to Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/etc. The more content you have the more we can focus on distribution off the bat allowing us to get to the results stage sooner. If you don’t have content, then you have to create it first, and is often the most time consuming aspect of marketing strategies.
  4. Have multiple locations: Each different location will more easily rank individually for local SEO, and can in turn help the other locations if done correctly. Or if done incorrectly they can compete with each other and hurt your SEO. If you have multiple locations you should have a huge advantage on competitors that only have one location.
  5. Have a good social presence: Social media is a lot harder than SEO, this is because the way content gets served has a lot less to do with your searches and has more to do with what you engage with. For example, on Google electricians only compete with other electricians (share the same keywords), on Facebook an electrician has to compete with so much more (cute cat videos, politics, messages from friends and family, etc). This is one reason hy social media is so time consuming. If you have a good social media presence, there is no good reason why you shouldn’t also have great SEO.
  6. Don’t like doing online marketing: If you don’t like online marketing you need a strategy to make the most of your resources and allow you to focus on the business more.
  7. Feel like they are wasting their time: You probably are. Get an SEO strategy that means business.

For Everything Else You Might Need to Build a Website / Create Content

Seattle Web Search has great colleagues for everything you might need to put your website together. Are you looking for web design, graphic design, copy writing, email support, marketing, social media or branding along with SEO?

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