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Why is SEO important?

You already know that nearly everyone searches online before making a buying decision. And you know that the higher you are on Google, the better. But you probably didn’t know this:

90% of people never make it to Page 2 of Google, and 70% don’t click on anything below the first three results.

Seeing those numbers is a wake-up call for most of our clients — it’s the moment they realize what a strong online presence can mean to their business. It’s also when they realize they need an expert to guide them toward three key SEO objectives: A higher search ranking, increased traffic to their site and converting more of those visitors into customers.

How can Seattle Web Search help?

We find what makes your business unique — why you do what you do — and then we plan, design and market a website that tells your story. We’ll analyze your online presence and marketing, identify opportunities and create a strategy that drives growth and revenue.

Get the online marketing results you want.

What is the Seattle Web Search process?

  1. Website overview — We start with a thorough, technical inspection of your site, ensuring its structure and other factors are optimized for SEO.
  2. Keyword analysis — A high search ranking won’t matter if it’s for the wrong keyword. Great traffic doesn’t matter if you’re attracting the wrong audience. And reaching even the right audience isn’t any help if you can’t convert them. We’ll research what makes you unique in order to find diverse keywords and generate increased traffic from the visitors you want — the ones who turn into customers.
  3. Competitive analysis — What are your competitors doing to attract and increase their website traffic? We’ll reverse-engineer their activities, examining their backlinks and site structure to learn how they’re achieving their search rankings.
  4. Monthly reports and meetings — Even if you don’t understand SEO, we want you to understand the value you’re getting. That’s why in addition to regular reports about your ranking, we’ll connect via Skype or phone each month to discuss our progress, answer your questions and continue to refine our plans.

How long does it take?

We like to tell people that with SEO, you can’t “set it and forget it” — if you do, Google eventually will forget you, too. It takes consistent monitoring and adjusting over time to get to that first page, then to the top 3, then finally to No. 1. We just helped one of our clients move into the top 2; his traffic increased 30% after moving up just one spot. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

What do our customers say?

Geoffrey is an amazing business partner! His ability to view business from a sales & service perspective & offer insight on how to leverage new internet technologies to draw more business has been nothing short of staggering! With Seattle Web Search we're consistently ranking high with key search terms, and thus driving prospects to OUR site first, way ahead of our competition!

Jessica Abney

I've been very impressed with Geoffrey’s expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing. He has a deep understanding of both the technological and the strategic aspects of Internet Marketing and how best to spend use your time as a small business owner ... If your online presence is weak, fragmented, or nonexistent, talk to Geoffrey!

Yone Hill

Seattle Web Search takes care of it all for me. They handle all my social media, website, SEO and keep the conversation growing. Geoffrey is helpful, responsive and has what it takes to jump start your online word of mouth.

Marie James

Geoffrey Purkis of Seattle Web Search has a wealth of SEO knowledge, even as the industry constantly changes. He developed a strategy and gave me simple steps to follow in implementing. His patient, personable approach allows me to easily upgrade my company's web presence so I can get back to doing what I love to do. Thanks Geoff!

Lucinda O.

What does it cost?

Our SEO services start at $750 for the first month. After that, we’ll craft a plan depending on your specific situation and needs. If you want to take on (and outperform) larger competitors, for example, you’ll likely need more of our time.

We recommend 6 months of our SEO services to see real, sustainable results. But the key is to invest what you can consistently — spending $500 a month for six months will be more effective than buying two $1500 packages six months apart.