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How important is video?

The SEO benefits of video content are immense — a strategically-placed video can make the difference when trying to stand out from the competition.

Businesses that use video are 50 times more likely to reach the top spot on Google.

Video has become an important feature for anyone concerned with SEO, conversion rates, or brand recognition. Video can do a lot of other great things for your business, such as:

  • Attract more visitors to your website
  • Keeping visitors on your website longer
  • 53% of viewers contacted the business after watching a video

Less than 15% of small businesses use video, stay ahead of your competition. Video will only continue to grow in popularity and accessibility. Consumers like video, use video and remember video.

How can Seattle Web Search help?

We have the expertise to ensure your videos are aligned perfectly with your overall SEO strategy. Even if you’re camera-shy, don’t worry: We can create videos that focus on infographics or product demos, training resources and client testimonials.

Here is some of the work we’ve done for our clients.