We worked with All Kleen’s existing marketing team (Tammy: Writer, and Jonathan: PPC) to improve All Kleen existing SEO strategies.

All Kleen Carpets came to Seattle Web Search in 2017 had been blogging 2-7 times a month since 2013. This got them to about 700-1000 people a month to their website. They needed a strategic approach to digital marketing that could introduce the brand to new local markets and scale along with their business.

We started by building on the blogging success that they were already experiencing using YouTube. We created a series of videos and then promoted them using social media and other strategies.

Over a period of 4 months, we doubled the number of Al Kleen’s 1-3 Ranked keywords and increased their traffic by 172% bringing in 534 more unique monthly visitors.

Eventually we started to see diminishing returns on the YouTube strategy so we started diversifying our target keywords to other areas around Lynnwood, WA like Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Mill Creek,  Alderwood Manor, Brier as well as other service offerings besides carpet cleaning like water damage restoration, upholstery  cleaning and hardwood, tile and grout cleaning.

Started YouTube package (had 731 people/month, got a 244% increase in trafffic)
Started Pinterest Services (had 2516 people/month, got a 23% increase in trafffic)
Started Facebook PPC Services (had 3089 people/month)

YouTube strategies have a weakness that we addressed with Pinterest. YouTube can’t as easily boost the SEO of a large amount of pages. If you have one video pointed at 5 different pages then you are watering down the SEO to each individual page compared to if you had one video pointed to a single page.

All Kleen Carpets has over 450 published blog posts. Since started SEO services with Seattle Web Search we had been making 2 videos a month for All Kleen’s top performing blog posts.

After a year and a half, we had exhausted the obvious opportunities for YouTube:
(blog posts that were already getting traffic/SEO success where the video helped to push the results further)

We had 15+ videos for our top blog posts. There were still 435 blog posts that could use video to get better results, but it would be very hard to say for certain where to start/how to prioritize tackling the content. A Pinterest strategy instead let’s us blanket the entire website (all 450+ blog posts) with some social media/backlink SEO. This helped us to prioritize/map out the next phase of our content marketing strategy by using the analytics from the Pinterest strategy to determine where the next round of opportunities on YouTube were.

All Kleen Carpets is a good example of how you want to have other pages/blog posts on your website that rank higher than your homepage eventually (good distribution of traffic / good keyword strategy):

70% of people on average click on the top 3 results (1-3), 90% of people on average don’t go to the 2nd page of Google, this means positions (4-10) are getting on average 20% of the traffic.
This is however only averages. Because of algorithm layering (personalized search results), you can get traffic to your website from positions as low as 20-30 if the people 1. live nearby (local layering), engage with you on social media (social layering), frequent websites that you link to / link to you (backlink layering), and people that have visited your website before or searched for other keywords that you also rank for (cookie layering, examples: Amazon, Yelp, every product you search/buy from Amazon pushed all their other pages/links a little higher, so by purchase #10+ every product/page on their website is pushed to the front page of Google).
This means that positions 1-3 is where you get a high volume of cold leads (people that Google sometimes and click on the top 3 results = 70% of people).
If you can get to positions 4-20, which is the first page of Google but not in the top 3 results or the 2nd page of Google, then algorithm layering pushes only warm leads to your website. For example if you rank #4 for a keyword, if a person lives nearby that may get pushed to #1, if they have liked your Facebook page or engaged with you on social media it can push it #1, if they have seen your work on other websites or frequent other websites that have some relationship to you, and/or someone who has visited your website before for a different keyword phrase/search (this is one of many reasons why you want to have a diversified keyword strategy).
1-3 = high volume of cold leads
4-10 = medium volume of warmer leads
10-20+ = very low volume of only the warmest leads


Client: All Kleen Carpet Cleaning
Location: Mountlake Terrace

All Kleen Carpet Cleaning offers professional residential & business carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Lynwood, Mountlake Terrace & Mill Creek WA.

Date: September, 2019 – February 2019
Website: allkleencarpets.com