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Stage 1: low hanging fruit (1-3 months):

Do SEO audit for performance benchmark

Fix penalties / optimize website:



-google webmaster tool errors

-optimize on-page SEO for pages receiving traffic

-optimize Google and Facebook listings if necessary

-setup re-targeting for Google and Facebook

-consult on recommended website optimizations w/ Pia

Create a keyword strategy:

-research-related searches

-research long-tail

Turn keyword strategy into content marketing strategy:

Consult on blogging (no writing included/additional charge)

Create video for the homepage/main service page:

Run ads on homepage video

Create review collection template for client

Do 2nd SEO audit for performance benchmark and compare to first


Stage 2: focus on video (2-3 months): will get you 50-95% of the way through the SEO process for any given keyword depending on the competition

Create videos (biweekly):

Create video for main services:

Run ads on service page videos

Create videos for high volume / 2nd tier keyword phrases (cookie algorithm layering, ie: FAQ):

-example: mindmaps

Run ads on 2nd tier keyword phrase videos:

Monitor performance of ads

Segment high performing ads into a separate ad group

If re-targeting audience is large enough setup campaign

At some point, depending on competition we will experience a normalizing of traffic/keyword ranking growth (diminishing returns on video strategy, exhausted easy points), when this happens:

Competition research:

-research competition for main keyword phrase + 2

2nd round of keyword research (for up to 2 short tail keywords):

-research-related searches

-research long-tail

Monthly Google Analytics analytic reports (1st of the month)


Stage 3: multiply SEO from video strategy (social media mostly)(2-3 months):

Create a Pinterest strategy (backlink and social media strategy):

-create boards for major keyword categories

-populate boards with our content: website pages/posts, videos, other social media if available (ie. Facebook, Instagram, linkedin, twitter)

-setup automation of top-ranking content into boards overtime (high traffic, high Pinterest shares, etc)

-follow/unfollow strategy to build followers

-monitor results and focus future efforts on pins/boards that show results

From here strategies really get customized depending on the client, ie: does the client has a social media marketer, how many keywords are we targeting, what results have we seen, what is the timeline for desired results, are they willing to bring in additional marketing people: videographer, writer, social media marketer, business consultant, etc. Also at any point, if there is a significant slowing of traffic/keyword ranking growth (diminishing returns on SEO strategy), we will do an additional competition and keyword research:

Competition research:

-research competition for necessary keyword phrases

Additional rounds of keyword research:

-research-related searches

-research long-tail

If there is time left on the contract (depends on how much SEO there was before working together, number of desired keywords to target, and the level of competition ie. how long it takes to start seeing and sustain results)[this usually happens in the 2nd 6-month package]:

Create Facebook/Instagram strategy:

-reuse video content/strategy

-focus on retargeting

-and more depending on the client/situation (no posting)

Create LinkedIn strategy:

-focus on automation

Create twitter strategy:

-focus on automation

Backlink research / strategy:

-start with our top content

-research competitions backlinks

For ecommerce / shopify:

-optimize sales channels




-microtargeting (Facebook)

-retargeting for other platforms: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter

-A/B testing