We’ve helped Zach Euse of Exact Electric create a SEO strategy to get to the first page of Google for the search phrase “seattle electrician” and other high value keyword phrases. They already had more points in social media than their competitors and almost as many reviews, but were still finding themselves on the 2nd (or lower) page of Google. We helped them identify some other channels that were less competitive to get faster results and side step the competition to page one.



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SEO RESULTS: Apr 5, 2016 – May 3, 2016

SEO RESULTS: Jun 2, 2016 – Jul 1, 2016

In less than a month we were able to help Exact Electric go from the 15th page of Google to #5 and #9 on page 1 for “hire an electrician”:

Position 150 means the 15th page of Google (10 results per page).

Organic Traffic Report (6/9/2016):

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Backlink Report (6/9/2016):

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Short Competitive Report (Ahrefs Rank = Overall Website Rank):

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We are now #2 and closing the difference on asyouwishelectric.com

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asyouwishelectric.com vs exactelectric.com:

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Client: Exact Electric

Local Licensed Electrical Contractor in Seattle Committed to Providing Quality Work and Service

Their licensed electricians provide superior, personalized service for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Collaborating with others and scheduling are important to them and they ensure they are communicative and flexible so the job gets done correctly and during the time frame desired. They offer a full range of electrical and technology solutions to serve the needs of builders, contractors, businesses and homeowners.

Date: February 18, 2016
Website: exactelectric.com
Reputation Marketing Partner: Chris Lollini

Chris Lolini’s Reputation Igniter (ignite.reviews) service enables small businesses to easily empower their customers, clients, or patients to do the heavy lifting for them. Leveraging the good will of your customer base to share their experience with you online is powerful because it frees you from the need to sell.

Social Media Marketing Partner: Stacy Erickson

The team at Home Key: Organized Social Media (organized-social-media.com) started working with Exact Electric in October of 2013. As with any of their clients, the first thing they do is get them on a CONSISTENT posting schedule. They posted via Hootsuite to Exact’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages approximately fifteen times a month. The posts were a combination of promotional, inspirational and informational.

Using scheduling helped keep the services easy and affordable for Exact Electric and easy and efficient for the HKOSM team. They also made sure that he had his social media links present in his quarterly client email newsletters.

In 2014, they started doing a promoted post a week on Facebook. They didn’t have to spend a lot to get him lots of visibility, and people responded well to the posts.

In 2015, they set up a Pinterest page with resources for his clients with links to his expertly written blog posts (Thanks to Charis Communications – 1smartwriter.com) as well as other helpful information.

For any business to succeed in the competitive world of SEO and social media, consistency is a MUST. You can’t just post once and expect growth – you have to put in concerted effort over a period of time. Our team is very happy with Zach’s results and know that it didn’t happen overnight – it took a team of people cooperating and putting in small but powerful efforts.