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While modern technology has helped improve our daily lives, it may also cause “information overload” – that is presenting so much data that you leave the user confused and/or unable to make a decision.


Marketing companies, in particular, feel as if marketing technology has exhausted their lives for the worse. In fact, modern technology has created more information overload for these companies. As a result, marketing companies are struggling to maintain a human connection.

Like many other modern businesses, marketing companies are relying too heavily on technology. They use martech (software and tech tools marketers leverage to plan, execute, and measure marketing campaigns) to enhance marketing strategies in the business world, but at what cost?

Businesses rely heavily on human contact, but modern technology, like martech, has limited the ability to do so. By having martech, businesses have modernized and improved, but it also lost the human connection that marketing companies relied on. So, the question remains, how do companies maintain a human connection in the age of information overload? Here are some tips that may help manage your information overload in the marketing world. 

1.Understanding the goals of your company 

In order to manage modern technology, you should think back to what your objectives are as a team, focusing on your company’s goals and ultimate purpose.

Instead of wasting time modernizing your company with new martech, you should question whether or not new technology is helping achieve your goals. Our goal at Seattle Web Search is to help small businesses get more people to the website and convert those visitors into new business. An example of martech that helps us achieve that goal is CoSchedule which allows us to automate social media straight from WordPress, saving us time by allowing us to manage multiple marketing platforms from one place.

2. Prioritize the Customer

Modern technology is mesmerizing. At times you find yourself drawn or entranced by the latest device just because it is new and shiny. You want to look cool and prevalent by having the latest merchandise, but it may not be the best tool for you. 

When thinking about whether or not to add a new solution to your martech, ask yourself, will this benefit your client?

The ultimate goal for marketing companies is to sell to their buyers, and that should be the priority. Marketing companies should only buy new merchandize when they know it’ll help your clientele. For instance, when one of our clients was having difficulty with blogging, we recommended CoSchedule, a type of martech that has a tool included in their system for optimizing headlines. By using CoSchedule, our client was able to find more trafficking for their blog.

When researching new marketing technologies to use, employees should research what will benefit them the most. Before buying any new martech, your company should watch videos, read articles, and do their research about what tools customers like and find the most beneficial. 

According to the Harvard Business Review businesses unknowingly pay a high price as individuals struggle to manage the information glut. This means that companies are spending too much time and money dealing with information overload instead of being more productive. By researching specific martech like CoSchedule, your customers will be happier and your company won’t be overloaded with modern technology. 

3. Building Relationships 

Humans are emotional beings; they rely on their feelings and instincts to make decisions. Knowing this, businesses appeal to people emotionally, addressing their customers’ needs, wants, and ideas as a marketing strategy. In fact, the most effective marketing builds relationships between your company and your customers.

 Effective marketing requires a feeling of human connection, but martech can’t accomplish that. By being overloaded by modern technology and new martech, marketing companies are losing that human element. In order to maintain this human connection, your company must prioritize it. You should put the emphasis on the human, and let the tech aid their priorities. 

4. Maintaining a human connection is key in the marketing world 

Effective martech goes hand in hand with marketing productivity, but too much of it can cause your workers to become overwhelmed.

In order to ensure the success of your company and eliminate information overload, your company should encourage your team to prioritize your customers. Your company should not be afraid to reevaluate the past customs of your company and eliminate ones that aren’t working. By doing this, your company will be more productive and will be less stressed with martech.

5. Evaluate your old technology

In order to ensure the best results for your company, evaluate your marketing tools regularly, and eliminate what is not working. By doing this, your company will be more successful. An example of this is getting rid of old or unused WordPress plugins. By getting rid of unused WordPress plugins, you keep your company up to date.

Even if you had this marketing tool for a while, you must question whether or not it is benefiting your business and clients.

Ultimately with technology being constantly updated, you  should keep what’s good about your company’s marketing and change what’s bad.

In the past few years, martech has integrated into the business world and has affected our means of communicating. However, by using these 5 steps, a human connection can be restored, and technology will seem less overwhelming.

Maya Castiblanco

Maya Castiblanco is a blogger at Seattle Web Search. Based out of Westchester, NY, Maya is currently studying psychology and education at Bates College. By working at Seattle Web Search, she is hoping to improve as a writer and learn more about SEO.

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