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Amazon’s Newest Innovations

By September 22, 2013September 10th, 2018Amazon

Despite global markets shifting towards online shopping, with businesses big and small offering services online, Amazon still leads the world in online retail. With the ability to ship massive amounts of product—everything from food to technology—around the world at incredibly low prices, Amazon is undeniably changing the consumer shopping experience in drastic ways.

Home Services:

In addition to online retail, Amazon has expanded into the home services market, providing home services across 50 metropolitan cities throughout the US. So far, Amazon offers over 1,200 unique services. The most popular of which are TV wall mounting, furniture assembly, and house cleaning. By doing so, Amazon has made a huge leap from being an intangible online retail service and brought an element of customer service into homes. Amazon has been sure to make safety their top priority by ensuring they maintain legal standards and by vetting service providers through background checks. All service providers must be able to demonstrate that they have the proper licensing and insurance before they are accepted into the Home Services program.  A Happiness Guarantee is provided to further ensure customers that they will be provided with the highest standard of care or their money back.

Amazon Go:

Recently, Amazon announced a new kind of fulfillment store called Amazon Go. Customers can now stroll into a hard standing Amazon store, pick up their supplies, and leave without the burden of waiting in line. This revolutionary concept—called the “Just Walk Out Technology”—allows Amazon customers the accessibility to shop on their Amazon Go app via their smartphones and amazon account before and during their time at the store. For now Amazon Go is only available for Amazon employees in Seattle, Washington but soon we will all be able to reap the benefits of Amazon’s “Just Walk Out Technology”.

No Need to Fear Alexa is Here:

Alexa is one of Amazons newest technologies which responds to voice commands, playing the role of trusted advisor and and personal assistant. Similar to a smartphone or tablet Alexa connects to massive amounts of information via the Internet that you can access just by saying “Hey, Alexa”. Whatever the need, Alexa is there to help.

Amazon Echo:

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker similar to Alexa that responds to voice commands. However, Amazon Echo only streams and plays music, limiting the amount of information that it can access. Where Alexa acts as a personal assistant, Echo is more of the hands free DJ. With the ability to connect to apps such as Amazon’s Prime, Spotify, Uber, and Just Eat, consumers can now host the perfect house gathering through Amazon Echo.

Amazon Dash Wand:

As if Amazon wasn’t innovative enough the Amazon Dash Wand allows consumers to create their own shopping list using voice recognition and a barcode scanner, truly changing the way we view our grocery shopping experience as a whole. For example, if you wanted a bag of brown rice you’d simply speak that item into the microphone, and it gets added to your Amazon Fresh shopping list. Amazon Dash Wand makes the dreaded grocery shopping experience simple, easy, and effective.

Amazon Dash

Amazon is trying to improve it’s fulfillment programs, as this is the number one concern amongst retailers. To do so they have created Amazon Dash a fulfilment and delivery service.

By making fulfillment a priority Amazon has started to expand internationally and experiment with many innovative products and services.

Amazon Prime Air Fleet:

In the UK, On 7 December 2016, Amazon conducted at trial of drone delivery and successfully delivered a parcel of popcorn, and a Fire TV Stick in 13 minutes.  Since drones are predicted to be able to carry parcels of up 80% of all Amazon shipments, the sky its truly the limit in the world of ecommerce for Amazon.

Amazon Air:

In the US Amazon is leasing forty  Boeing 767 wide body jet freighters out of Wilmington, Ohio as a part of their delivery and fulfillment program. The endeavor has been so successful that they have since decided to open a second runway, thus increasing cargo capacity.

Amazon Fresh :

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s personal fresh-grocer designed to deliver your groceries to your home from the same local markets in your area. Many people live busy lives and don’t have time to go grocery shopping but still want to eat healthy. Amazon now supports those efforts to do so with Fresh. With a fast, free service and local partnership, Amazon customers  are sure to their fresh produce through this online service, giving you all the added benefits of local markets without the hassle of having to wait.

From online to homes, offices, and grocery stores Amazon is changing ecommerce and the shopping experience for customers internationally; making lives easier and more enjoyable. Amazon is an example of creating technology and that solves problems and unites customers with the best in retail.

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