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By September 22, 2013Video SEO, Twitter

If you have been on social media at all within the past two years, then you likely recognize that video is changing the way people and brands communicate.  Several platforms have adopted a form of video sharing for their users; however, many restrict video length, limiting creative freedom for individuals and brands using video. Twitter, the platform known for its 140- character limit on tweets and 30-second videos announced an update last year extending its video length. Users can now post videos up to 140 seconds in length and use the extra video time to reach their audience in a more impactful way. Here is everything you need to know regarding Twitter’s video updates and why using it will benefit your brand.

So why is video such an important aspect of social media, attracting consumers and the future of the internet?

  • In 2019, projections indicate that video will be the reason for 80% of all web traffic.
  • Watching videos will account for 1/3 of all the time people spend surfing the web
  • 59% of consumers would rather watch a video than read an article or blog post.

Upload Longer Videos: 140 seconds

Evolving past its restricted character tweets Twitter is advancing with the digital era alongside the modern consumer/ social media user. The social network’s 140-second video update gives its users a platform to harness their inner videographer, creating better quality videos for their audience. The extended time gives users more time to leave an impression with their audience.

10-minute Advertisements

Are you interested in advertising your brand on social media? Twitter offers organizations the opportunity to create 10-minute video ads to promote brand awareness and create a community around their brand. Regarding nonprofits’  videos, content that conveys  a brand’s mission in a focused yet impactful way has proven to generate more engagement in volunteers and donors. Create your brand’s own 10-minute ad on Twitter by visiting on your desktop or laptop.

Effects on Digital Marketing

Content marketing: According to recent studies, video generates 1200 % more shares than text and pictures making it the most sharable and engaging format. Using video especially in ads on social media to promote brand awareness will grow your audience and following.

No mention of Twitter’s new viewing mode in here. Should it be added?


Twitter’s Engage app gives celebrities and influencers their very own platform to strategically engage and grow their audience. With a feature that allows influencers to read what their fans are tweeting about, Engage users can create content relevant to their followers’ interests. It also allows you to track your overall performance on the app through tweets, gifs, images, and activity so you can assess your online presence and strategy.

Effects on Digital Marketing

Influencers play a key role in digital marketing especially on social media. If your organization has public figures, then Twitter’s new app, Engage, can be extremely beneficial for analyzing market trends and consumer behavior. However, if your organization does not have an influencer as part of its marketing team to use this new app, then you can use analytics to track your overall performance and reach.

Through Twitter’s recent innovations and updates, the social network is moving towards a video-content-driven digital era. As Twitter illustrates in recent news, video is the future for social media and digital marketing. A strategic online presence has never been more beneficial for nonprofits and brands of any size. In all, organizations should implement video into their marketing strategies to grow and track their following.


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