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Then you can target any specific area that you would want to put your ad so in this case this nonprofit which is called Youngstown Cultural Arts is located in Seattle, Washington since they have a physical location, they really only want traffic from Seattle, Washington. By putting in that location and all this would be set on this page when you’re creating the campaign.

So there’s basically three steps when doing Google AdWords:

  1. you have to create a campaign,
  2. then you create ads,
  3. then you create keywords that point to those ads.

After you’ve got a campaign, you’re going to go on a create an ad group, which is a combination of ads and keywords. In this case I just made a test one for the homepage because the homepage is the page that everybody visits on your website so unless you have specific landing pages it’s usually the best place to start.

In this case you just made an ad group called “home page”. You don’t need to put much more info beyond that, but you need to specify what your max bid would be (google grants max is $2 – $1 is a safe place to start. Less than $1 is usually not enough; don’t wanna start at $2 and burn through your budget too quickly)

Once you have your ad group, you need to add ads and keywords into that ad group. Sometimes, it’s easier to start with keywords. Once you pick keywords, you can craft ads and research ads that your competitors are using for that keywords.

What is a keyword?

  • Keywords are things that bring traffic to your website. How to determine?
  • Common sense: check out your website.
  • Once you’ve added a couple of keywords, Google starts adding recommended keywords
  • When you’re getting started, it’s not a bad idea to add all suggested keywords, and then later remove keywords that don’t perform or are burning through the majority of your budget (more popular keywords = more competitive = more expensive)

$10,000/month = $330/day = CPC $2 max → @ a minimum you should be getting 165/ppl a day if you’re maxing out your Google Grants budget

Case Study: Angels for Angels:

  • 5/ppl a day before Google Grants
  • 170/ppl a day after Google Grants
  • 400% improved traffic (after just 10 days – ⅓ of the month)

What’s a target conversion rate organizations you should strive for?

  • Traffic + visibility to your best site is easier than sales
  • First step is making Google happy = SEO = brings people to your website
  • Make people happy = to do business with you + donate (that’s not SEO; that’s content and what you do)
  • 10% would be very high!
  • Industry conversion rates: 4% email; 2% search; >.5 for social;
  • Things are getting harder and harder to cut through the noise over time

How often to monitor to see that you’re reaching your goals?

  • Depends on the competition: no competition = set and forget (though you should always check in every now and then to optimize); with competition, you have to check in more

Are you able to see which keywords are getting the most hits?

  • Yes – but you don’t want any one keyword burning through 80% of your budget
  • Reduce your maximum bid for that keyword
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