Get at Least 5 Google Reviews for Your Review Average to Show

By September 5, 2016Reputation

Which of the three businesses would you choose?

How to Display Google Reviews in Search ResultsDid you choose Eddy’s Repairs with a hidden rating? (probably not)

Eddy’s Repairs (in the example above) has a perfect rating on its Google+ page. But it is not shown because Eddy has less than five reviews!

Naturally, customers are more likely to eliminate Eddy’s from their list of “maybes” due to “heuristics”, a part of consumer behavior. Heuristics refer to the process customers have developed for making purchasing decisions more quickly.

Customers are drawn to products and services which they identify as the best options. Even though Eddy’s Repairs has a better review average than Mike’s, it doesn’t make much of a difference because the customer can’t see it in the search results!

In summary, if you haven’t received five Google reviews yet, then get on it!

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Don’t stop there, a business usually needs to receive at least 10 five-star reviews before prospects will trust it at all.

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  • Amanda Johnston says:

    How can I get more online reviews?

    • Kathleen Ryan says:

      You can encourage customers to review their experience with your business online to boost your business’ digital presence. Hope this helps!

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