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YouTube and Google vie for first place as video search web sites.

YouTube has a distinguishable advantage over its competitors with its own built-in search engine. And more and more people are using YouTube as their main search engine compared to Google. Another huge advantage for YouTube is that it is owned by Google and so any searches within YouTube rank in Google search results. Since YouTube gets one billion views per day, the impact in Google search results is exponential.  YouTube results also appear in Google Trends. YouTube offers guidance to users in refining searches to generate better results.

#1 YouTube: YouTube is the best place to search for video content. There are many tips and tricks you can use to dive deeper into YouTube’s search results in order to find what you are looking for.

google top video search engine#2 Google: Google includes YouTube for video results at its forefront. However, you get different results when searching video on YouTube vs. on Google. It’s beneficial using both to find videos you are looking for. Google Trends is a handy tool since YouTube results are appearing on it now.

Alternative Video Search Web Sites to YouTube and Google.

But searching for great video content might mean expanding that search beyond YouTube and Google. According to Seattle Web Search, adding video content to email marketing boosts interaction by as much as 200% to 300% converting visitors into customers. So, alternative video search engines are worth browsing for that reason alone. These sites do tend to merge with other sites and sometimes disappear over time, for example Yahoo Screen was shuttered in January 2016. But for now, at least, these sites can serve as helpful resources:

BING: Bing Video includes YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites in its searches. It casts a wide net and is advantageous in this way.

AOL VideoAt the bottom of AOL’s page is it’s search box. Like Bing, AOL searches various video hosting sites and AOL’s On box will play video within the AOL player using video from its host site as the source. The site has a browser for top picks as well with its channels sorting content into themes.

eHOW: eHow’s search engine allows you to type a search query in its box located at the top. eHow displays good instructional videos but fails to show results from the internet at large.

MeFeedia.comYou can upload video content to this site if you’re an account member. An account allows you to have your own channel. MeFeedia also has various categories for browsing.

Binkx: Binkx is an older search engine that offers high quality but fewer results than others.

Veoh: Veoh has an active user base who upload content to the site.
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