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I just got back from WordCamp where I went to see Kori Ashton of talk about getting “Google to Love Your WordPress Website”

with Cami Shields Macnamara ( and David Innes (

“Google will love you if…
… it understands you.
… users love you.” – Kori Ashton

It was a great presentation, what I liked most was how she approached SEO from a web designers perspective, so it was a really good beginners course of SEO and helps you understand the basics of on-page SEO factors like titles, headers, alt tags, user experience and much more.

The WiFi password is “” for network “WordCamp2017”, if that’s all your looking for.

She summarized SEO as:

  • great user experience (easy to use website)
  • fast website (fix penalties)
  • fresh content
  • clear call to actions
  • engagement / social media tools (sharing buttons)
  • no broken links (fix penalties)

I agree with her, and I would prioritize these tasks as such:

  1. broken links (fix penalties)
  2. fast website (fix penalties)
  3. user experience (easy to use website)
  4. clear call to actions (easy to use website)
  5. fresh content
  6. engagement / social media tools (sharing buttons)

Some of the other SEO takeaways for me were:

Some of the other tools that Kori recommended are:

  • (for transcribing videos, free to use)
  • MozLocal (for local SEO / online directories) (I highly recommend this, and you can use it for FREE)
  • (for heatmaps, user experience tracking)
    • if you are looking a free alternative I recommend

To see Kori’s full presentation click here.

I will be following up this blog post with examples of how I used what I learned at this WordCamp Seattle 2017 in my own SEO and website, so stay tuned.

Also anyone that is going to Sunday of WordCamp please connect with me on Facebook or email, I would be happy to meet up with any local professionals that are also going!


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