Big SEO Changes Are Coming. Are You Ready?

By February 12, 2018SEO

The SEO world is always changing, but that’s actually a key advantage for Seattle Web Search clients: Because we stay on top of those changes, your company’s SEO strategy does, too. In that spirit, I wanted to provide an update on some significant opportunities regarding both SEO and your relationship with us.


A seismic SEO shift is ahead

You’ve probably heard about the recent changes to Facebook’s news feed, prompted by fake profiles and fake news. Business pages are going to become much less relevant; results are going to plunge, and SEO will have to be rebuilt through Facebook groups and personal profiles. YouTube also is altering its requirements, creating limitations in certain areas and making advanced features much more difficult to access—as much as eight times harder.

Invest now, reap huge rewards later

I believe these changes will make the next few months the best SEO opportunity in the last five years. I know, that sounds like a sales pitch. But soon, it’s going to get a lot more competitive (and a lot more expensive) as more companies begin paying attention to the new landscape.

Your competitors might start paying more attention, too. We’ll help you stay ahead of them.

Why we’re better

Over the past year, Seattle Web Search has grown from a one-man shop into a team of experts who deliver effective, diversified strategies. We know that small and medium-sized businesses don’t need a high volume of cold leads; they want a steady stream of warm leads. That’s why we focus on more than what makes search engines happy—we also consider what makes humans happy. In the long run, it’s the best way to get consistent SEO results.

When you Google “seattle seo” these are the top 3 results, which account for 70% of traffic for the “seattle seo” keyword phrase. Most would assume at first glance that these are the top 3 companies, they would be wrong.

We now get 3 times as much traffic as top 3 results for “seattle seo” combined (we are currently ranked #7).

Being #1 on Google for one keyword phrase is not the whole story, and isn’t how you get the best results overall. A diversified keyword strategy can and is often more efficient and results in more traffic. These companies have put all their eggs in one basket and use their position for the 1 keyword phrase to convince their clients they are the best.

This is the difference between Google-friendly SEO and human-friendly SEO. There are two steps in the SEO process, first making Google happy to send people to your website, and second to convince the people to choose to do business with you. What’s the point of traffic if you can’t convert it, and why compete unnecessarily over 1 keyword phrase when you can get more traffic from a wider range of keywords.

New plans and pricing

One month isn’t enough time to execute on those diversified strategies and ensure long-term results, so we are discontinuing our month-to-month option and moving clients to three- and six-month packages. To reflect our expanded offerings and expertise, our prices soon will go to $750+ per month as well.

It’s an exceptionally good time to invest in your SEO—and your company—while saving some money along the way.


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