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Since Google purchased YouTube in 2006, there have been a number of changes in regards to the day to day operations of the video creating site as well as to its rules and regulations. One of the latest changes centers on the monetization that creators make from advertisements that are featured in their videos.


Previously, YouTube creators needed to obtain 10,000 total views in order to be eligible to profit off of their channels.

Now, rules are tightening in hopes of benefiting both advertisers and creators.

The YouTube Partner Program is the organization within the site that allows creators to make money off of their videos via advertisements. The new, more detailed guidelines that are now in place for ad monetization are intended to make more channels eligible for the program.

In addition to the above requirement, channels need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and have acquired 4,000 hours of total view time over the past 12 months.

YouTube also has a three strike system in place to ensure that channel who partake in the program are following all of the sites rules and regulations. These ensure that only the best of channels are allowed to partake in the program, and that advertisers are protected from spending their money on unsavory channels.

“But the new monetization strategy doesn’t so much as appease those worried about policy violations as it signals to small creators that they simply aren’t worth the trouble to the tech giant.” -Gizmodo

If you need help troubleshooting disabled monetization issues like these:

  • Check monetization status on your channel
  • Participation in the YouTube Partner Program was suspended
  • How to turn monetization back on
  • Monetization incorrectly disabled

Your first stop should be this Google support page.

These YouTube changes are not going to stop with ad monetization, says Google.

An additional program is in the works for exclusive creators and channels with large followings. This Google Preferred Program will work with both creators and advertisers to ensure the interests of all involved are taken into account when it comes to making and spending money.

Moreover, the site is also working on a new approach to marketing that allows advertisers to get the most bang for their buck. They are doing so by ensuring that ads are placed on channels that both have a wide audience and provide a “safe environment” for advertising.

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