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Using keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress documents is a simple way to make your website more SEO friendly, which can generate more traffic on your webpage.

While it may sound daunting, the process is simple and fast. This article will lead you step-by-step.

First, what are keywords and meta descriptions?
Keywords and meta descriptions go hand-in-hand. A keyword tells search engines what a website or online post is about. Meta descriptions just describe what the content is about.

For example, if an article is about melting polar ice caps, a keyword would be global warming and a meta description would be a short summary of the article.

Why is it important?
Keywords and meta descriptions are HTML, which is a standardized system which makes up all World Wide Web pages (www.) Both will go in your website’s header, which will help viewers know what your site is about. With the help of SEO plugins, you can optimize your website’s search results by adding them in the admin section of WordPress.

Yoast SEO how-to:

To use keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress, you must install a plugin like Yoast SEO. After downloading the plugin, you’re just a few steps away from SEO friendly posts.

After installation of Yoast SEO:

To enable the use of the Yoast SEO plugin, you must enable it on WordPress. You will click:


After clicking “save changes” there will be more options under the “SEO” menu. This has set up the page to enable the use of keywords. Continue the process with:


Now, you can add keywords and meta descriptions to your current and future posts and pages.

Below the post editor, you’ll find ‘YoastSEO’ meta box. Here you will find your website title and an auto-generated meta description.

To personalize your website meta description, click “edit snippet” below the generated description and enter your own. It is important to use your main keyword in your meta description to optimize your website’s SEO. Once you’ve perfected your website description, click “close snippet editor.”

To add keywords to your post or page, on the same page you will click “meta keywords.” It is crucial to only use words that are related to your content, need to be in your website or post. Separate each keyword with a comma and be sure to use no more than ten keywords and/or key phrases. Remember, your main keyword will be in your meta description, so choose it strategically to maximize SEO.

You can also add keywords and metadata to your website’s homepage

Using your Yoast SEO plugin, follow these steps:


To add descriptions for category and tag archive pages, follow these steps:

For meta descriptions:

POSTS > CATEGORIES > Chose the category you want, click EDIT

In the editor page follow:

YOAST SEO META BOX > EDIT SNIPPET > Enter your own description

You should now have a meta description for the category you edited.

For keywords:

Under the category, you want to edit, select SETTINGS and enter in the keywords you want to describe that specific category.

Now that you’ve done it once, you can add keywords and meta descriptions to all of your pages and posts to make your website more SEO friendly and generate more web traffic!

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