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There is one main goal when creating a website. Many think it’s simply to get as much traffic on the site as possible. However, if you have a high rate of traffic but a low conversion rate, your website can’t live up to its potential.


What is conversion rate?

Conversion, in this sense, means driving the right traffic to your site and converting them into customers. Anyone can have a lot of traffic on a site, but the main goal of creating a website should be to gain customers, resulting in more business. Through these five tips, you can watch your conversion rate grow exponentially.

Start with the fundamentals of your website such as design, navigation, and overall function.

  • The design should be eye-catching, but not so busy with fancy graphics and fonts that your readers get lost.
  • Your site should be easy to navigate. This means you don’t want to bury your most important information for your readers to try to find. Contact pages, informational pages, and pages listing your services should be immediately accessible.
  • You can utilize Google’s mobile website tester to make sure your site looks and runs smoothly on desktops, laptops, and phones.

Maintain your website. It’s cheaper and easier to prevent website problems than to fix them after the fact.

This will take time and constant attention, but it’s worth it. Constantly check and recheck your website so you can ensure that your customers are experiencing the best service. Here are 3 tips to make sure your website is in peak condition:

  • Make sure your software is updated. For example, if you use WordPress, make sure you are updating plugins, themes, and the application itself.
  • Consider a CDN. A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, can increase the speed of your website by outsourcing the content on your site to local servers. This can prevent your site from slowing down when it experiences a high amount of traffic.
  • Invest in a website security software such as Sucuri or cWatch. Website security can help protect you against malware and keep your website running smoothly.

Micro conversions are your best friend!

Conversions don’t happen all at once, sometimes it starts with something small.

  • Suggest visitors fill out your contact form or sign up for your email list, blog, or business updates. This can lead to a visitor becoming a customer.
  • If your service allows, ask visitors to sign up for a free trial, this call to action can be your key to conversion. When visitors on your site see “free”, it encourages them to engage with your site and sign up for your service, therefore becoming a customer. Additionally, after they test your product it’s easier to convert them into long-term customers.

Email List: One of your most important business assets!

Emails can help you build trust with potential clients or customers to keep them coming back to you.

  • Emails are the best way to engage with customers and keep them engaged with you. Apart from this, emails are one of the most effective sales methods because it gives you direct contact to customers interested in your services.
  • Keep your email subscribers happy by feeding them fresh content. You can do this with a weekly or monthly newsletter about your business with updates, blog entries, helpful tips, or testimonials from other happy customers. Consider using an automated email service such as MailChimp to create and distribute your newsletter with little stress.

Keep visitors (and Google) happy (ie. SEO)

Visitors are key to your website’s success, but to keep the visitors coming, you have to work with the search engines.

  • Try adjusting some of the content on your site to make it more SEO friendly by adding keywords that many people search for. By adding keywords that are common, but not so common that you have a lot of competition, you can drive more visitors (and eventually more customers) to your site.

Anyone can create traffic on their site, but not many can keep them coming back and even fewer can convert them into long-term customers. By keeping your website updated, fast, fresh, and secure, you can effectively grow your customer base. Not to mention when you utilize resources like newsletters and email updates, you could sit back while you watch your business skyrocket.

Alyssa Purvis

Alyssa is the Senior Blogger at Seattle Web Search. Based near Washington D.C., Alyssa focuses on creative content. During her time at Seattle Web Search, she has developed an understanding and admiration of SEO and digital marketing. Currently, she writes SEO articles while gaining knowledge and experience of both creative and informational writing.

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