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Digital advertising is becoming increasingly important in modern-day marketing. It can easily become a valuable asset to your business and, if implemented well, can increase your online presence and create more conversions and sales. Here are 8 tips and tricks to make digital advertising choices that curate these desirable results.


1. Be More Creative with Your Ads

Use the visual aspects of your business to your advantage. Logos, mascots, fonts, and even specific colors can work to make your brand more recognizable. It’s important to both catch your audience’s eyes and to make them remember your name. For these reasons, consistently adding these creative elements to your ads will give you an advantage in the digital advertising department.

2. Evaluate your Marketing Platform

Every marketing platform provides you with a different value. Analyze which outlets best suit your business and invest your money into those. Which platforms work best varies wildly from business to business, so it’s important to do your research and budget effectively.

For example, Google Adwords tends to work well for services with a clear demand that people would use Google to search for, while Facebook advertising is more suited towards products/services that are more demographic-specific since Facebook allows you to use users’ interests/demographics to your advantage.

3. Research Your Target Audience

You may have an idea of what will work best for your audience, but the reality is that consumer behavior can be the complete opposite of what you’d expect. This is why making digital advertising decisions based on research rather than an educated guess is important.

Clicks and views aren’t all equal. Most digital advertising platforms allow you to specifically target your ads. Doing this after research rather than before can tell you a lot about who your clients are rather than who you may think they are.

4. The Buyer Process

Knowing how to present your business through every step of the buying process is critical in digital advertising. There are many options when it comes to looking at buyer analytics. You can see every step a user takes on your website, how long they stay on each page, and even which pages might’ve made them leave. This information is available, so you should use it to your advantage.

There are various ways to improve buyers’ experience. See this article for more information on optimizing the process for the customer.

5. Use Social Media

Being able to connect data back to their specific results is a vital skill for a business to master. Digital advertising reaches large, diverse groups of people, and that’s important to consider when analyzing your results.

Another important skill is being able to distinguish between what is promoting engagement and what is actually creating sales.

Social media is a valuable tool to make these processes easier. The data gathered from it can show you that:

  • Your audience isn’t just a blob of indistinguishable people; they have different behaviors and motives for interacting with your brand.
  • Your audience has opinions and is constantly reacting to current events. Monitoring this and reacting to it in a timely matter is critical to remaining relevant.
  • More likes and shares do not equal more sales.

Facebook, again, is a great example of a digital advertising platform to utilize. Worldwide ad spending on Facebook and Instagram combined will rise 22.5% this year and reach nearly $95 billion in 2021. On top of this, it provides many options in their PPC platform that allow you to target very specific demographics.

6. Integrate All Marketing Channels

Your ads need to be consistent, despite the digital advertising platform you’re using. Different platforms have different “feels” to them, so matching your digital efforts to each site is important, your brand’s overall voice needs to remain unique and consistent.

Instagram is a great example of this.

Some of the most successful Instagram accounts tend to use a select color palette for their photos, helping them to create a distinct style. One example of this is Not on the Highstreet, who tend to use very soft colors and light backgrounds on their images:

This is important to know, as multiple digital advertising platforms all supporting each other tend to be more effective than relying on just one.

7. Implement Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is relatively new. It allows you to target customers using their physical location.

Geo-fencing, combined with other digital advertising tactics, allows you to get customers in the right place at the right time, so to speak. It not only lets you target people based on their demographics and interests, but lets you guide them on a path to your business. Because of this, the implementation of geo-fencing creates 3 times the foot traffic and a 27% increase in sales on average.

optimize product listing ads8. Optimize Product Listing Ads

Ads should tell your consumers everything they want to know about your business/products/services upfront. Making them do more research on their own will likely make them lose interest. Be sure to include answers to common questions, and enhance anything that will help with the purchasing process.

Digital advertising, when done well, can be a key to success for just about any business. By using these tips and tricks, you can set yourself apart from the competition.

Audrey Moore

Audrey Moore is a blogger at Seattle Web Search. Based out of Wichita, KS, Audrey is currently studying creative writing, communications, and Spanish. Through her experience at Seattle Web Search, she is learning about SEO and gaining valuable experience writing articles.

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