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What is retargeting?

          Retargeting is the process of marketing to people who previously visited your website. Specifically, those who left without making a purchase. When used correctly, it can greatly improve your traffic and business overall. In this article, we will explore the different types of retargeting ads as well as their benefits.

Types of Retargeting Ads

          There are several different types of retargeting ads:

Search Retargeting

          Search retargeting displays ads based on keywords and phrases entered into a search engine. This allows you to retarget customers who have searched terms relevant to your business.

Site Retargeting

          Site retargeting allows you to display relevant ads based on traffic to your website. Individuals receive ads reminding them of their visit to your website.

SEO/SEM Retargeting

          Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing retargeting is a combination of the prior two types. So, users receive ads based on search engine queries and actions performed on your site.

Email Retargeting

          Email retargeting treats customers differently depending on the actions they have taken. For example, customers who have only opened an email are treated differently from customers who have forwarded the email.

Contextual Retargeting

           Contextual retargeting enables you to advertise to people who visit websites similar to your own. Thus, a person who visits airline sites may receive advertisements for hotel listings. It can be useful, but can also make your customers aware of your competition.

Engagement Retargeting

           Engagement retargeting is a less common variety. It requires companies to post content on social media sites such as Facebook. However, it allows you to advertise to users who have liked, commented, or shared your post; visited your page; or engaged with your ads. Click here to learn more about social media engagement and why it is important.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Statistics of customer behavior in response to retargeting ads.            You may be wondering how consumers react to retargeting ads. Do they find them intrusive? Do they even work? You don’t want to run ads that will make your customers worry about their privacy. However, most have a positive opinion of retargeting ads.

30% of consumers had a positive reaction to them. 25% of consumers appreciated being reminded of products they previously searched for. Additionally, website visitors who are retargeted with display ads were 70% more likely to convert.

Thus, consumers do take notice of retargeting ads and that these ads do lead to higher conversions.

Let’s Review

           In conclusion, retargeting is one of the best tactics in marketing. Retargeted ads have a click-through rate of 0.30 to 0.95 %, which is 3 to 10 times higher than a normal display ad. It is reported that 60% of viewers took notice of retargeting ads. Overall, you can convert 70% of your customers who abandon their carts. It never hurts to remind interested customers. Usually, it will pay off!

Andrew Badillo

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