How to Embed a YouTube Video on Your Website

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The most common platform easiest to use for embedding video on websites is YouTube’s web player. YouTube has been providing video playback in both HTML5 and Flash since 2015, making it accessible to stream on both PCs and gadgets.

To embed a YouTube video, you must first have a YouTube channel and upload the video onto it. Next, open the video and click on “Share”, then “Embed”.

From there, click “Show More” in order to customize the player if necessary. To prevent visitors from leaving your website and getting distracted from your content, you can turn off “suggested videos” when the video finishes.

Lastly, copy the embed code provided from the site and paste it within your webpage.

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  • Claudia Jenkins says:

    What is the best place to embed a video on a website?

    • Chanler Brown says:

      The best place for an embed video would be the homepage. The homepage is the page that gets the most traffic, more traffic means more views!

  • Amanda Lacey says:

    How does the video help website traffic though?

  • Richard Kim says:

    Hello, the contact form is not accepting my messages.
    Who could i get in contact with for a video partner in Seattle/Bellevue?

    • Geoffrey Purkis says:

      That would be me, thanks for reaching out. I just responded to your other message on Facebook, I’m looking forward to connecting. (P.S. I just double checked the contact form, it does seem to be loading slowly but it did eventually work ~20 seconds, I’ll troubleshoot it further.)

  • Amanda Johnston says:

    Great video! How can I ensure that my video effectively drives traffic to my website?

    • Kathleen Ryan says:

      That’s a great question. In order to make sure you are driving traffic to your website, make sure your videos have content relevant to your business and useful to your target audience.

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