SWS Team Spotlight: Crystal Michels (Content Marketing Specialist)

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The first person from our content marketing team to be in the spotlight is Crystal Michels. She finished off her internship with us towards the end of 2017.

Question #1: What drew you to SWS originally?

Well, it was probably that I never really worked in anything like that.I learned a lot about SEO and wanted some experience with it. I liked the content that was already on the website, and what their message was.

Question #2: I know you’re currently a teacher at the moment, would you want to be a Content Writer?

I wouldn’t mind doing work online as a writer, for sure. Definitely one thing I’m trying to gear myself towards.

Question #3: What three words would you use to describe yourself?

I try to be honest because I think that’s a big thing for me. I’m pretty honest with my students. I want to say I’m organized but I know I’m not super organized but like organized chaos. Then I guess humorous since I’m all about being funny. I find it helps a lot.

Question #4: What did you like most about this internship?

Just the amount of knowledge I learned. I had so many different things that I had to do and was able to learn a lot from it.

Question #5: What did you like the least?

I guess with all the work on the articles being given and then the pace of them going out was not consistent.

Question #6: What have you learned from this internship?

Learning how to communicate more with people via Skype or email since I’m used to face-to-face interaction as a teacher. Communicate on articles and problems was definitely something I didn’t have a lot of experience with. I got to learn a lot about the programs and interacting with them was helpful.

Question #7: What would you improve about the Blogging team?

Just the prioritization of the work we were doing. That was kind of a big thing. Like if I was working on something then it was like “oh no. drop that and do something else.” It would’ve been nicer to have a more set schedule. I enjoyed the work I did and think it was very beneficial.

Question #8: What advice would you give to new interns?

Ask a lot of questions and don’t suffer in silence. I never felt stupid about the questions I would ask and you were always very helpful. This is how you learn and improve.

Question #9: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

I’m hoping to teach part-time while doing something that’s in the communications or writing field. That’s really where my passion is at and I wouldn’t mind using that to help people. After reading and working on the articles about Nonprofits, I wouldn’t mind working for a nonprofit.

Question #10: What are you working on now?

Working on a research paper about collaboration. How communicators and technical writers are different, how a business can collaborate efficiently I guess. So I’m studying on that. It’ll go into a portfolio of mine that’s I’m putting together and also gets archived in their library. I’ve been told I should submit to some journals, which I will when I have time.

Question #11: Last thoughts about the internship?

I’m very thankful about the opportunity because I live in North Dakota where there aren’t a lot of opportunities like this, so it was great to actually go out and meet other people so to speak.

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