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If you are trying to persuade someone with your writing, you must understand the necessary steps. In the past, persuading someone to do something was relatively simple, but now it has become more difficult. Since most people are distracted by the news and the world around them, it has become harder to present your argument. Thus, here are some tips on how to improve your persuasive writing and to get more people to read it.


Be Straightforward. It Builds Trust and Conversions

Don’t beat around the bush. If you need something, ask and answer honestly. Most people want an honest opinion, so make sure, to tell the truth in all instances, whether it be over text or in person. Why? Because honesty matters. Emotions play a huge role when connecting with other individuals. Honesty and feelings will help with your SEO, as well. By having that human connection, your audience will connect with you better. For more information on building a social relationship concerning your SEO, check out this article on why making a human connection will boost traffic.

Create a Solid Outline and Position

If you are creating persuasive writing content for your business, you should know your position very well. To persuade someone else, you have to understand how to present your argument. To do that, you should create a solid outline and position. Before conducting your argumentative paper, you should make an explicit topic sentence stating precisely what you believe and stand for. Then, you should have evidence and research to back up your point.

While persuasive writing was the norm a few years ago, you can also develop your argument using videos. For more information, check out this article on How to Build your Business on YouTube.

Take Time to Listen to Your Target Audience

Listen to people; it’s as simple as that.

For the most part, people tend to open up more if they know that they listen to them.
That is why it is important to listen actively to your audience, either directly or indirectly. When writing, speaking, or thinking, take into consideration what your audience wants to hear.

Do they want to hear from someone who also takes time to listen to them, or will they just mindlessly hear you out with no interest in the matter?

Avoid Jargon, It Helps Everyone to Understand and Communicate Effectively

Jargon is a term that sums up all of the terms that are used by a particular group of people. Many times, people think using special words or expressions is the best way to sound professional.

Downfall of Jargon

It can cause confusion. The more complex you make words out to be, the harder it is for others to relate to what you are communicating.

Often, the way we communicate stems from how we were raised or the culture in which we are immersed. Direct communication is more common in areas that are considered low-context, which means they are more culturally diverse and emphasize such traits as individualism, independence, and self-reliance (Joyce 2012). People in such environments are accustomed to encountering a wide range of people with differing communication styles. Thus, the directness helps accomplish interactive tasks and making social connections (ie. United States of America).

Write a Compelling Argument with Storytelling

One of the easiest ways to connect with your audience is through storytelling. From the beginning of time, people have connected through stories and storytelling. Therefore, if you want to connect with your audience and if you want people to sympathize with your argument, then you should add a personal annotate. In fact, storytelling lies at the heart of persuasion. By adding this storytelling element, you can convince more people to agree with your argument. If you need ideas on how to conduct your storytelling, read this article on Making More Creative Content Using Pixar’s Elements of Storytelling.

With Covid-19 and the election on the rise, it’s difficult to write persuasive content that people will actually want to listen to. Therefore, you have to use these persuasive writing techniques in your argumentative essays. These tips and suggestions will make your persuasive writing so much better for your website and business.

Lexi Mentzel

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