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When looking to promote your business, you will ideally increase your website traffic and SEO. However, many people don’t know how to start this process. If you are starting a business or just want your SEO to go up, you should create dedicated pages for your business, specify your long-tail keywords, use FAQs for help, and so much more. Read on for more about how to use these tips to boost your website’s visibility.


Create Dedicated Pages for Your Website 

Once you create your website and establish yourself and your business, you should separate important parts of your business into distinct sections. A lot of the time, small business owners cram all of their information about their business into one tiny section of their website, but this strategy can overwhelm Google searches. Basically, Google sees different keywords on your page and presents them all together, so if you are looking for a specific topic, Google will have trouble finding it.

Therefore, it is good practice to create sections for different information on different parts of your website. There shouldn’t be more than 5+ products on one page, especially for smaller businesses. Larger businesses like Amazon have the ability to cram more than one thing on each document, but smaller businesses don’t have that luxury. Customize each page to reference a specific topic. This also helps create better keywords for more selective sections. 

Utilize Long-Tail Keywords

Having dedicated sections will allow you to rank for more selective and specific keywords. Since your keywords are more specific, you can create long-tail keywords: keywords that focus on a niche. This is important for your SEO because it limits your competition and it allows faster results, creating a point where your content marketing strategy should start. For information on Long Tail Keywords, check out this article on Keyword Research Tips for Blogging: Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

Start your Keyword Research with Google FAQs 

After you’ve created your website, you should start building your traffic and SEO. If you are having trouble coming up with keywords, you should look at the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Google. Then, you should turn the FAQs into keywords. That way, your business can effectively utilize the keywords that’ll target your specific audience. For more information on FAQs, check out this article on how to Make the Most out of Your FAQ Page With SEO-Friendly Content.

What Keywords Should I Target?

Whenever you are doing keyword research, you should be mindful of their volume. The higher the volume, the more people have used that specific keyword and ultimately higher competition. When your keywords are ranked higher, they often have harder results and more cold leads. You don’t want your company to get only cold leads, so instead, you use your human connections to gain clientele. If you talk to people honestly about your business then more people will want to trust and work with you. By having this human connection, you can use that to build your network. Then after creating a relationship with some clients, you can use SEO strategies to increase your site traffic. 

If you are starting a business and want to increase your SEO, use these tips and suggestions to help start up your business. Check out our blog for more practical SEO tips and tricks. 


Maya Castiblanco

Maya Castiblanco is a blogger at Seattle Web Search. Based out of Westchester, NY, Maya is currently studying psychology and education at Bates College. By working at Seattle Web Search, she is hoping to improve as a writer and learn more about SEO.

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