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Business owners often ask the question: what should I prioritize? Quantity, or quality? While there are benefits to both approaches, the importance of quality content ought to be especially stressed.

Quantity might be important important for businesses that need to stay up to date on ever-changing trends. News media, social media, or other monitors of developing patterns ought to publish a great deal of content. But if this content is not of exceptional quality, it will fall between the cracks.

Quality Over Quantity

One should remember that although emphasizing quality decreases short-term output, it will have long-term benefits. Nothing disappears from the internet. That old content still sitting on your website of poor quality will continue to reflect your business. No large volume of content can make up for that.

Here are a few key things to bear in mind as you begin to prioritize quality over quantity in your website’s content.

80% Rule


Is it Possible to Prioritize Both?

You may also be wondering if it is possible to emphasize both quality and quantity in your approach. This is more difficult however than choosing one or the other to prioritize. Ideally, yes, we want you to have high volumes of excellent content. But ultimately this method may wind up sacrificing one for the other.

Some have proposed the 80% rule as an effective compass to direct your efforts. According to this rule, one ought to focus 80% on either quality or quantity in their content. This way you can maintain expertise in whichever direction you prioritize without neglecting your need for the other.

Benefits of Quality Content Over Quantity

Write as an Expert in Your Field

In order to produce quality content, you will need to establish expertise in whatever you are producing. If you are publishing music, you will excel at your instrument. If you are publishing articles on software, you will need to demonstrate expert knowledge on the subject. How well you can deliver the desired information to those who search your site will be a determining factor in raising the quality of your content.

Furthermore, the appearance and user interface of whatever content you are producing ought to also be of high quality. Quality content can often be buried under poor web design. Websites that are intuitive to navigate will ensure your expert knowledge is delivered most effectively.

Web Design Contrast

Google Rewards Quality

It goes without saying that customers are hungry for content that exactly matches their search query. The good news here is that Google will reward this content informed by expertise. Results will appear highly in Google’s ranking for informed expert content, which will in turn drive great traffic to your website. A great amount of authority is given to high-quality content creators. To be one, you ought to prioritize the quality of your content.

Potential Benefits of Prioritizing Quantity

Get Noticed and Grow Your Brand

If you focus on publishing a high volume of quantity content, you will likely get noticed sooner in the short term and can use this attention to grow your audience. This is great especially early on when you are not yet an expert in your field but need to put out something. Getting your name out there with a great deal of content is a fast way to help grow your reach.

Direct Your Efforts With Efficiency

Additionally, some audiences prefer quick and snappy content, especially in the era of social media. Publishing content in high volumes will not only attract attention but potentially the right attention depending on what audience you seek to target. But for the customer looking for authority in your brand, and Google for that matter, quality should still be your first priority.


Overall, it is important to bear in mind that you should tailor your strategy to whatever best suits your business’s needs. If you have quality content but are not ranking as highly as you need to, try putting out a higher quantity of smaller-sized content. Likewise, however much you publish, quality is a major contribution to Google’s rankings. We invite you to read other articles in our blog that address SEO and marketing strategies to improve your Google search rankings!

Joey Goddard

Graduating in 2021 with a degree in History from College of the Holy Cross, Joey Goddard has been writing throughout his academic career, and now in his professional as a blogger at Seattle Web Search. In his personal life, he also writes music as the lead guitarist and singer of the Massachusetts rock band Rushmore.

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