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Every company, big or small, has a story. For some, it is an inspiring origin story. For others, it is a cause or a lifestyle. Even big brands like Coca-Cola or Nike have a narrative. “Taste the feeling” “Just do it.” They’re not just selling a product. They’re selling a personal connection. Even your company has a story or spiel to offer and you might not even know it yet. Find out how to set your business apart through this post’s tips.  As you cater to your demographic, you have an important chance to craft a story that your audience can relate to.


Humble Beginnings Generate Empathy

It can be hard to set your business apart from the rest, especially when it comes to your usual spiel. However, one way to stand out is to tell how it all began: use an origin story.  Take the CEO of the womenswear company, Spanx, for example. Sara Blakely, struggling to make her first sale, finally managed a meeting with a buyer at at Neiman Marcus in Texas. She wore a pair of tight white pants to demonstrate how different she looked with the Spanx and without. Less than a month later, her brand was on the shelves. Sara wore white pants for three years to win buyers over.

This is a perfect example of a humble and relatable origin story. It’s humanizing. It’s charming. And most importantly, it’s honest. Yes, any audience loves an underdog story but please don’t fabricate anything to appeal to a demographic. If a humble tone doesn’t suit you, don’t force it.

Highlight Your Brand’s Mission

Sure, reading about a pair of Spanx or Nikes might not be a tear-jerking experience. However, to the founders, these products can have sentimental value. Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, believed, “Women have been neglected as customers . . . We have been told that beauty is pain. I call that BS–Before Spanx.” 

Sara not only expresses compassion for her demographic but proposes a solution. A perfect example of a mission statement. It declares why the business cares about the product and why should the audience. 

Then are companies that are more direct with their mission. Ethique, for instance, chooses to create hair-care products that combat landfill pollution by forming them into concentrated bars. The company also takes a step further by donating 20% of its profit to environmental organizations, animal protection, waste conservation, and more. Now, this is a grandiose example of a business immersing itself philanthropy-wise. But this too can be an example of what your company/product can do for a community and earn their trust.

Utilize a Catchy Tagline

After the pinnacle of each business story, there is a conclusion. Something each audience member can walk away with. It captures the company’s essence and yet is catchy enough to remember. It can be simple like Nike’s “ Just do it.” Or something light like McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it.” Frankly, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s memorable and it fits the company’s brand.

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Final Takeaways

Writing a business spiel can be difficult at times. But you can set your business apart by keeping it short, sincere, and significant. 

Arabel Vozza

Arabel Vozza is a new SEO blogger of Seattle Web Search who resides in Northern New Jersey. She is currently taking a break from her English degree to pursue freelance writing and learn about blogging and SEO strategy.

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