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7 of the Best Video Editing Software to Try

By November 17, 2013September 10th, 2018Video SEO

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to add videos to your promotional materials. You can take simple videos and post directly to your social media or website … OR you can take it a step further and, with easy to use video editing software, create attention grabbing videos that will bring in clients quicker than you can upload one of them.

You could be wondering where to begin. It’s easy. You need to determine if you have a budget for software or not. If you can spend the money editing software like Final Cut Pro (for $299) is great due to its professional quality, assistance with editing, ability to contain up to 99 tracks and audio. However, if that is not in your budget, no worries. Plenty of software is available anywhere from free to $50 can get you fantastic, easy to use software.

In order to know what your best options are, it is necessary to explore what these programs can do for you and your business. Below are the best options, starting with the most expensive options to the best free version.

  1. Final Cut Pro

If you are an Apple fan and can afford the base price ($299.99), Final Cut Pro is the software tool for your business. Final Cut Pro falls into the category of professional because of the large tool selections straight from the advice by veteran video editors. To begin, the program follows the pattern for Apple products with its design. The features are set up in an easy to find fashion and they are plentiful. The storyboard allows for nearly 100 video and audio tracks and non-destructive editing. Every element works together in a panel no matter where it comes from. This streamlined process allows for easy edits. Additionally, the sidebars allow for changes to be made for your own options.

Overall, Final Cut Pro makes changes and additions easy for anyone with the skills. However, that can also be the problem. If you are in unfamiliar territory with editing, it can be overwhelming to work through all the tools. Plus, most businesses do not need that many skills for the simple videos they will likely use. If you are thinking of creating your own commercials and campaigns and want a professional quality, this software can work. Of course, it will all only work if you have a Mac.

  1. Adobe Premier Pro

If you would prefer an editing software that works on either Windows and Mac, Adobe Premier Pro remains incredibly popular for those willing to spend some for it. For 19.99 per month, this program creates easy to use features and can work with all video format types. You have the capability for multi track editing, a storyboard mode, unlimited audio and video tracks, and it can be used by beginners and professionals. Plus, since you pay per month, you are entitled to all of the updates as they arrive. Adobe even listens to tips from users and makes changes based on their recommendations. This editor holds the title of “industry standard” which is only held by a few others. Additionally, changes can be made quickly with features that allow changes to be applied to all clips and audios.

Adobe Premier Pro offers these basic features along with more in depth features. Their website offers tutorials for beginners and professionals, so you will not have an issue using features as they are fit for you. However, like Final Cut Pro, if you only plan to use some of the simpler features, spending the money on this software may not be worth it. If you are looking to spend the money and want more professional quality, you should consider this one.

  1. Pinnacle Studio

If you would rather spend less, you can explore Pinnacle Studio. Your costs run from 59.99 to 129.99 with 3 separate options. It is only available for Windows, but does offer effective video editing software. Some of the best features it has includes an interface that is clear and simple. It can edit multiple clip types including VR. If you are looking for specific effects, you can search for them, and they are plentiful including a multitude of royalty-free tracks. While it does not meet some of the levels that fully professional software does, it can still work for what your business needs.

Overall, Pinnacle Studio works for what you need it to do, but keep in mind that it needs some work with its more state of the art professional features especially with the basic option. It works if you are looking for a way to create videos with great features, but do not need the high professional features.

  1. AVS Video Editor

If you want a professional quality and easy to use video editor, AVS Video Editor remains a prime choice. You can buy all of the software from AVS for $59 or receive a trial version of the video editor. It includes plenty of learning videos that allow you to see how to use every feature of the software. It also contains multiple effects, Blu-Ray abilities, and allows for direct upload to social media outlets.

While the features are fantastic, you do need to be careful when you upload. Uploaded videos can have poor quality with some spottiness and pixelation. You may need to reload a few times to create the version you want. The quality of the correct videos are still fantastic and work well for many businesses.

  1. iMovie

Everyone has heard of iMovie. However, most do not know how easy it is to use. For one, it does work more efficiently with Apple products including iPads or iPhones. It is also inexpensive at a cost of $4.99 for iPads or iPhones and $14.99 for Macs. The app holds less features than the software on the computer; however, they both have a wide array of features for creating crisp, edited videos. As a newbie on iMovie, it is easy to learn. You can begin editing and learn most of the features within an hour. You are able to add varying effects, background music, create a collage of photos, and organize videos. All of these are easy to work with through the interface. Finally, you are able to easily share your videos to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo without needing to download first.

While many of these features are great, not every MP4 or other video formats are compatible. Also, you will need to invest in an external hard drive if you plan to create a large quantity of projects. However, for the price, it is a great system for anyone who wants to make simple, eye catching videos for their business.

  1. Lightworks

If you are still on a small budget, some free video editing software exists. Lightworks is one of them. It also has support for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Lightworks has been around for quite some time, but does not have the name-brand status of others. The free version contains background features, a decent set of effects that will come in handy for editing. Finally, you can download to YouTube or Vimeo.

Since Lightworks is free, it does not have the expanse of features available with other video editing software. If you want more, you can always buy the Pro version. Without the Pro version, you can still utilize features like storyboard, unlimited audio and video tracks, and a great support group. Since it is free, you cannot go wrong with using it especially if you are on a tight budget.

  1. Windows Movie Maker

Another free video editing feature is Windows Movie Maker. You can combine your clips into movies and include items like titles, background music, transitions, and effects. If you have used Movie Maker in the past, it did not have nearly any features. Over the years, add ons like voiceover and anti-shake have been included. Keep in mind it is free, so it does not have the plethora of features iMovie or Adobe Elements include, but it has the basics if you need them.

Since it is free software, it comes with some of the issues that are standard. The software tends to freeze frequently and you are only able to edit one at a time. You do not get the unlimited audio tracks like other programs. However, if you have never worked on video editing software, you can jump into it with ease and build what you need without a large learning curve.

With this wide range of options, your business or nonprofit should not have any issues finding software that will work with you depending on your needs.

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