June Google Grants Webinar: Automobile Driving Museum

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Stacy Erickson of Home Key: Organized Social Media co-hosted the webinar with me and discussed actionable tips to improve your online visibility and engagement.

Thanks Stacy!

We will be continuing (and improving) our series of online workshops to help nonprofits setup Google Adwords, apply it to their nonprofit marketing, and optimize it to get on the first page of Google.

In each webinar we discus how you setup and optimize Google Grants and why you should consider it as part of your marketing strategy this year. Learn more about future webinars like this, and/or register for one!

Google Grants = Free Money. Get $10,000 per month for your nonprofit marketing.

You can use Google Grants to: Reach donors, volunteers, and consumers when they’re searching on Google. The easier it is for people to find and share your cause, the more likely they are to donate. Learn more about Google Ad Grants and how it can power your nonprofit marketing.

Please share this event if you think a nonprofit you support could benefit from free marketing!

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