Facebook Ad Mistakes That Hurt Your Advertising Campaign

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There are multiple reasons why your Facebook ad might be rejected or end up in review. But did you know there are also other mistakes that can affect your advertising campaign? This means that even if Facebook approves your ad, your ad may fail to deliver the results you want. Below are four common Facebook ad mistakes that hurt your advertising campaign.


Facebook Ad Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Objective

Facebook has 11 advertising objectives. Each objective emphasizes a different campaign goal. Choosing the wrong objective will result in ads that don’t deliver the intended outcome. With so many different objectives, how can you choose the right one? Consider your end goal when choosing an objective: increase brand awareness, drive more app installs, increase conversions, etc.

Facebook Ad Mistake #2: Having Poor Targeting

Audience targeting is a crucial part of Facebook advertising. Who you target affects the success of your campaign. As such, it is important to understand who your audience is and how to target them. If your targeting is too broad, you will be paying to market to people who are not interested in your business. If your audience is too narrow (less than 1,000 people), you won’t see any significant results. In addition, you will miss out on the ad optimization that Facebook offers.

When deciding on audience size, ask yourself if there are realistically that many people interested in your offer. If the answer is no, narrow your audience down. You may also want to conduct a customer survey to find out your customers’ basic demographics.

Facebook Ad Mistake #3: Publishing Uninteresting Ads

Images are a great way to catch a user’s attention–if they are interesting. According to Impact, images are responsible for 75%-90% of ad performance. So how do you choose the right image? Think about your ad’s offer or purpose. Your image should have a clear connection to the offer, product, or service you are promoting.

Although images are an effective way to market your product, you shouldn’t rely only on photos for your Facebook ads. Facebook has several different types of ad formats. These formats include video, Facebook Stories, Messenger, carousel, slideshow, collection, Playables, and Instant Experience (formerly known as canvas). Facebook users are more likely to click on moving images than static ones. One reason why is that moving images allow you to tell a story.

Facebook Ad Mistake #4: Letting Ad Fatigue Set In

Ad fatigue occurs when your audience starts ignoring your ad after seeing it too many times. When your ad is experiencing ad fatigue, you will see a rise in costs and frequency while seeing a drop in click-through rates and conversions. Avoid ad fatigue by refreshing your ads at least every two weeks. You can use sequential retargeting to alternate offers to your customers. Click here to learn more about Facebook retargeting ads.

Remember to exclude people who have already converted from your advertising campaign. You can do this by creating a list of customers who have completed a purchase, filled out a signup form, etc. Then, use Facebook’s Custom Audience option to exclude them from seeing your ad. By doing this, you will save money and avoid annoying your customers.

Conclusion: Use these Tips as Part of Your Overall Strategy

Creating successful Facebook ads isn’t easy. This is why these mistakes are so common. You can avoid these Facebook Ad mistakes by not treating your advertising as a standalone strategy. Rather, treat your advertising campaign as a part of your overall strategy. By doing so, you increase the chances of your ad being successful.

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