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Putting time and effort into a social media strategy has proven to be effective. However, for growing businesses, the time demanded by the beast of social media can be burdensome. This is why one should automate social media posts; by cutting the busy work, automation provides the framework for a solid social media strategy. Here are three key reasons why you should automate your social media posts.


It Saves You Time

The beauty of automating social media posts is that it is automatic! By utilizing automation websites and platforms such as SocialPilot and CoSchedule, you can access all your social media accounts from one place and post collectively across platforms. You no longer need to bounce between logging in to different social media apps, and you can create a schedule that allows all of your posts to drop at the same time.  What does all of this do? It saves you time.

Additionally, these social media automation platforms can provide you with analytics across all of your socials. That way, you can quickly analyze how your social media strategy is working collectively, as well as on different platforms. Essentially, automating social media posts on a platform gives you a one-stop-shop to track your strategy and cut the busy work associated with posting on a schedule.

It Provides You With Consistency and Flexibility

On social media, consistency is your best friend. Releasing predictable content at familiar times allows you to effectively target your market. Automating social media posts allows you to do just that. By assembling a posting schedule or calendar you can consistently reach your audience at the most opportune times through your social media strategy.

Also, a social media strategy, especially in new businesses, must be flexible. Automating social media posts allows you to see the effectiveness of your strategy, to make decisions on what needs improvement, and to quickly put those decisions into action.

For example, if a business notices that posting at noon every day results in low engagement of followers, altering a posting schedule to release all the content at two o’clock the next day is simple. Improving a strategy towards its best fit can take months at a time, but the flexibility that comes with automating social media posts helps this time pay off. 

It Allows You to be More Engaged With Your Audience

With the busy work of assembling posts and uploading them out of the way comes more time to directly engage with your audience. In the early stages of a business, developing personal relationships is essential. This can be achieved simply by responding to comments and interacting with viewers of posts as soon as they are released daily. Automating social media posts allows you to know exactly when they are dropping so you can be best prepared to engage with your audience.

Social media is a fast and efficient way to informally engage with an audience virtually anywhere. Putting as much time as possible into forming relationships on social media is a productive use of time. Automating your social media posts makes finding the time to do this easier.


In conclusion, automating social media posts is a time-efficient way to elevate your social media strategy. In order to grow your business, being flexible about the changing world of social media is necessary for making sure you are reaching your target audience. Social media can be overwhelming, but automating your social media posts is the first step to alleviate some of that burden. 

Evan Coleman

Evan Coleman is a blogger at Seattle Web Search. He is based in both New Jersey as well as New York, where he attends the University of Rochester majoring in English and Business. He looks forward to learning more about the world of SEO through his work with Seattle Web Search.

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