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Over the past decade, YouTube has become the virtual window to the world outside of our homes, country, and imagination.  Those who wish to create that window come head to head with the challenge of amassing subscribers.  How many?  Only about 1,000.  Reaching this milestone on your Youtube channel demands immersion in your content, but with the right tools, it is more than achievable.  These eight key guidelines will teach you how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube, without feeling like you’re diving in blindly.


Title Your YouTube Videos Strategically

how to get 1000 youtube subscribers video title graph

Titles are one of the most difficult, yet seemingly simple tools for expanding your audience. First impressions really are everything, especially when the precise wording of your title is all viewers have as a gauge for your content.

There is an abundance of suggestions on how to make your titles more appealing, with brevity topping the list. A brief title ensures that your text won’t be cut off in the search results.  If you’re struggling with choosing a title, you can always use autocomplete.  Having the same title as another video, provided that it’s relevant, won’t keep you from getting subscribers.

Don’t Underestimate Your Originality

The idea that the best videos have already been made is a myth that refuses to die. (Yet.) If you’re convinced that being original is impossible, remember that your viewers are all individuals.

Even if your general idea has been covered in hundreds of videos, there are countless different ways you can present your content.  On top of that, people don’t interpret messages in uniform ways- someone who has watched a dozen videos on a subject might need content presented differently for it to “click”.  If you are attentive to how your main points connect and present them creatively, you might spark unique ideas.

how to get 1000 youtube subscribers consistencyWith Consistency Comes Reliability

If you’re aiming to learn how to get 1000 YouTube subscribers on an irregular schedule, you’ll find few success stories.   It’s important to plan how often you post new content and give your audience clear expectations.

As this article covers, most YouTubers who make it to the 1000th mark have done so through consistency, not one video with a lot of hits.  There is no one-size-fits all-schedule, but if you gradually increase your output over time (say, from 1 video to 4 videos per week), viewers will respond favorably.

Create a Unique YouTube Thumbnail

how to get 1000 subscribers thumbnails

Like your title and design, your thumbnail affects how viewers prejudge your video.  There’s a reason we’ve written multiple articles on the importance of thumbnails.

One of the simplest ways of optimizing your thumbnails for 1000 subscribers is making them recognizable. When you use the same font, color palette, or format, unsubscribed viewers may rediscover your videos more easily. You may want to try experimenting with impact fonts or Adobe Photoshop to help your content draw viewers’ attention.  If you haven’t already, you’ll further benefit from including photos of people in your thumbnails- turns out, we’re biased in favor of faces.

It would also be wise for your photo thumbnail to have a different title than your video.  That way, when people are scrolling through other videos, they can easily tell what your specific video is going to be about.

Feature An Engaging YouTube Trailer

Another factor that gets your viewers closer to subscribing is the way you preview your content.  Trailers are your one chance to encapsulate the value of all of your content in a single video.  They can demonstrate your videos’ relevance to audiences, provided that they’re thoroughly planned and selective. It will take time to create a strong snapshot of your channel, but it’s a chance to build viewers’ confidence in you.

One of the most important ways to maximize your trailer’s success is to keep it short.  Most trailers should be under 90 seconds.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can make multiple trailers and design each for a particular audience. This is a great opportunity to customize a trailer for those not subscribed.

Utilize YouTube Cards

In addition to your YouTube trailer, pop-ups like YouTube Cards are crucial to encourage further viewing.  Cards, as well as end screens, make it easier for your viewers to subscribe.  Even though most viewers might take the time to find the subscribe button and your content, the goal is to make it nearly effortless.

It’s OK to Ask If You Make It Meaningful

Similarly, you can also directly ask your viewers to subscribe.  It’s normal to be cautious of turning viewers off or asking too early.  But the right balance of timing and a strong opening hook can make your request more appealing.

Likewise, you want to make your plug engaging for your audience. For example, a DIY Home Improvement channel might say, “Subscribe for weekly DIY projects, tricks, and insider tips.”  You may also encourage viewers to subscribe by offering to take suggestions from them.

The timing of your request also matters.  Instead of ending on “don’t forget to subscribe”, posit your request after a short introduction.  Your viewers are less likely to click away if you spark their curiosity before you make your ask.

Intention Is Everything

While the strategies we’ve outlined can bring you closer to 1000 YouTube subscribers, be wary of becoming too attached to “the” strategy for reaching that number.  This mindset discourages your creativity and keeps you from learning actively about your audience’s needs. Instead, open YouTube analytics and the comments section and try to pin down what your audience is looking for.  Identify something meaningful in the needs they express.  You may want to revisit your personal story and look for commonalities with viewers. When you’re motivated to do more than increase your base, your subscriber count will reflect that shift.

Maggie Bennett

Maggie Bennett is a communication studies major in her senior year at Pepperdine University. Her interests span the full spectrum of writing, from fiction to the crystallized advice that can empower small business owners.

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